The purpose for which this association is organized is to develop amateur sports programs for the youth of the Hightstown and East Windsor Township areas and neighboring townships.

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For Existing HEWYBL Members:
Enter your email and password to enter registration screen.  To the left of the players name, click "Register".  Your original information is stored here. Please review thoroughly and make any changes to address, phone numbers & email addresses.  After member data is reviewed, you will be prompted for medical & other information on the following screen. If you have forgotten your password, enter your e-mail address only and click submit. Your password will be sent to your inbox in a few seconds.

For New Members to HEWYBL:
To obtain a password, enter your e-mail address and click "submit".  A password will be e-mailed to you to allow entry to the registration form. (You will be prompted to change your password on the next screen available.)

  • The first screen you will come to will be "Guardian Information"  Please enter all applicable information here (To add a second Parent/Guardian, check the box at the bottom of the screen)  NOTE--If your child is 18 or older, there will be no Guardian Screen and will go directly to the Participant Screen
  • No personal information will be made available to the General Public.  You can choose "Private, Roster Only or Public" for your contact info (Preferred setting is "ROSTER" which will make your contact info only available to your team. If you prefer not to have that info available, choose PRIVATE.
  • NOTE:  If you choose to enter your cell-phone provider name, all e-mails will also be sent in "text" form to your cell phone.  If you prefer not to have this option, do not provide the carrier information.  (You can choose to change it later if you wish).  Please note that you can receive reminders for all games and practices by checking the appropriate boxes.
  • After the Guardian information is entered, you will come to the "Participant Information" screen.  This information should be for the player (If you have multiple children in the program, start with the eldest child)