The purpose for which this association is organized is to develop amateur sports programs for the youth of the Hightstown and East Windsor Township areas and neighboring townships.

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Our organization celebrates the spirit and traditions of caring, giving, and perseverance.  We call upon the parents, grandparents, and caring adults to assist our organization as volunteers with the day-to-day activities involved with providing a fun and safe environment for our children.  HEWYBL strives to ensure that each and every child succeeds and has equal opportunity to learn and have fun along the way.  




HEWYBL is a volunteer run organization made up of caring individuals who choose to make a difference in the lives of their children and those around them.  The organization began in 1968 and continues to create opportunities for the children in both our community and surrounding communities to participate in many types of youth sports.  Currently HEWYBL offers four sports programs that are considered very successful in regards to good sportsmanship and positive role models.  You may have seen the dedication by many individuals over the years to the organization.  These are the same individuals that directly impact the ability to keep HEWYBL running successfully for our children.   


Common Understanding


HEWYBL is a non-profit volunteer organization unlike most recreational leagues in the surrounding areas.  How does this impact each family?  One benefit is that there are no salaries to be paid.  Expenses such as equipment to keep the children safe and have available for your childrens use, league insurance to protect our children in times of misfortune, and township invoices such as sewer, electric, and other various code/regulation funds are paid with our fees.  There are many financial needs for a volunteer organization to remain up and running so families can have a safe environment for our children to play and learn.


Time is the second factor to consider with a non-profit volunteer organization.  How you may ask?  Through all the sports we offer throughout the year, all levels, all teams, and all events require adult involvement in the form of coach, assistant coach, team parent, snack stand, 50/50’s, and the many opportunities to raise awareness and financial assistance from the surrounding communities.