The purpose for which this association is organized is to develop amateur sports programs for the youth of the Hightstown and East Windsor Township areas and neighboring townships.

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2014 Picture Day has been set for Saturday, February 1st at the Black School:
Time Team Time Team
9:00AM White-I 11:13AM Rosen-J
9:05AM Bester-I 11:18AM Sabogal-J
9:10AM Vachris-I 11:23AM Sabogal-GJ
9:15AM Vachris-R 11:28AM Kenny-J
9:20AM Comeau-I 11:33AM McAleer-GJ
9:25AM Comeau-J 11:38AM Tomarchio-J
9:30AM Ng-R 11:43AM Tomarchio-JV
9:35AM Vaccaro-R 11:48AM Del Toro-GJ
9:40AM Johnson-R 11:53AM McDonough-GJ
9:45AM O'Connell-R Lunch break  
9:51AM Vitulli-R 1:00PM Cooke-GJ
9:57AM Vitulli-C 1:05PM Michenfelder-C
10:03AM Geissel-R 1:10PM Michenfelder-GV
10:08AM Geissel-C 1:16PM Sherwin-JV
10:13AM Liggio-R 1:22PM Scully-GV
10:18AM Brendel-C 1:28PM Cohen-GV
10:23AM Brendel-J 1:34PM Bloemeke-GV
10:28AM Walkley-C 1:40PM Strzepek-JV
10:33AM Walkley-J 1:46PM Petak-JV
10:38AM Lindner-C 1:52PM Petak-V
10:43AM Lindner-J 1:58PM Alston-JV
10:48AM Wersching-C 2:04PM Alston-V
10:53AM Reiss-C 2:10PM Conlon-V
10:58AM Desmond-JV 2:16PM Lang-V
11:03AM Gocke-J 2:22PM Jack-V
11:08AM DeTrolio-J 2:28PM Duffy-V