The purpose for which this association is organized is to develop amateur sports programs for the youth of the Hightstown and East Windsor Township areas and neighboring townships.

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It's important that we have accurate and up-to-date contact information for parents so that managers and the league can notify you about schedule changes, special events, and other news.  You can update your email addresses and add work and cell phone numbers by following these simple steps.

    • In the left-hand navigation pane click "Edit My Account". 
    • Sign in with your email and password.  If you don't know your password, enter your email address but leave the password field blank. When you click Submit, a new password will be emailed to you.
    • The next page will list your family members.  Click on the person whose information you wish to edit.
    • You will be presented with a form on which you can update your name, address, phone number(s), and email addresses.  
    • Only the fields with a red asterisk are required to be filled out.
    • If you want to change your password, enter it in the Password field, and again in the Enter It Again field.
    • Next to many of the fields you will see a checkbox.  If the box is checked, that field will be displayed on team rosters.  By clearing the checkbox you ensure that the corresponding field will not be displayed.  For example, if you only want your home phone displayed on the team roster page, uncheck the boxes next to Cell Phone and Work Phone.
    • When you're done making changes, click Submit to save your changes.
    • Click another family member to make changes to their record.
    • If you need to add a child, click Add a Child. All of your address, phone, and email information will be automatically copied to the new child.
Using this Web Site

At the very top of the page you see four tabs: HEWYBL Home, Team, About HEWYBL, and Admin.  After you click on one of these tabs, the menu on the left edge of the page changes to show the options available for that tab.


You are already on the HEWYBL home page when you arrive at our home page.  The left-edge menu options for the HEWYBL Home tab gives access to general information that applies to all members.   


This is where you′ll be able to view the schedule, roster, and bulletins for your specific team.  Use the drop down menus at the top to find your team.  First use the "Season" drop down menu to select Baseball, Football or Basketball.  Next use the “Division” drop down to choose the division of your child.  Last use the "Team" drop down to choose the team you are on.

The left-edge menu options for the Team tab give you a variety of ways to look at your team's schedule. If you click on "Schedule" it will list each practice and game, in a day-by-day tabular fashion.  Click "Calendar" if you would rather view the schedule in a calendar form.  The "Results" option shows results for games that have already occurred, but only if your coach or team manager enters the results.  The "Multi-Schedule" feature allows you to see the schedule for several teams at one time. 


The Admin Tab is used only by the webmaster, coaches, and team managers. It is password protected.


Keeping this data accurate ensures that you will always be reachable by the league and your manager for important news and notifications. 

If you have any questions or problems with managing your account, email